Residential Services

We offer comprehensive residential locksmithing solutions for both new and old style locks. From standard to not-so-standard lock installations and repairs, we are here to serve your locksmithing needs.

If you are locked out of your car or home, you must have proper ID. For us to open your home legally, your driver’s license must show your home’s address. For your vehicle, your driver’s license and vehicle registration must match.


Q: I just bought a new house, should I change the locks?
A: Yes, Definitely. The fact that you do not know who the previous owners gave keys to, whether it be a relative, neighbor or cleaning person, it is always in your best interest to protect your personal security by re-keying or replacing your locks.

Q: I want to re-key my locks, how can I tell how many locks I have to re-key?
A: To determine how many locks would need to be re-keyed, you would need to count how many keyways per door you have. A keyway is the slot in which you insert the key. So how many slots do you have on each door? That would be the number of locks you have to re-key. Remember, if a dead bolt has a keyway on both sides of the door, this would count as 2 locks.

Q: Should I have dead bolts on all my doors?
A: Yes, the security that a dead bolt offers is far better than the knob can offer alone. Knobs can be forced open much easier than a dead bolt which has a heavy plate attached to the frame of the house giving you much better security.

Q: Can I use one key for all of my locks?
A: Yes, one key can be used for all locking hardware on your doors, provided that the locks on the doors are compatible and can use the same key. You can tell whether or not you have compatible locks by trying to insert the same key into the keyway of each lock. If the same key goes into each keyway easily, the locks are compatible. If your locks are not compatible, we can change them so you can use one key.

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