Commercial Services

We offer many commercial locksmithing solutions—from store front locks and entry door alert systems to exit alarms and keyless locks. We are here to serve your commercial locksmithing and security needs.


Q: When should we change the locks?
A: On a commercial building, the locks should always be re-keyed or changed in any of the following scenarios:

  • You bought a new building. You don’t know who was given keys during the building process, and you have no way of confirming that all keys have been returned.

  • You moved to an existing location. Like a home owner, you don’t know who might have keys to this location and who might have access to your place of business. i.e.: cleaning personnel, maintenance, or ex-employee.

  • You fired an employee who had a key. This is always in your best interest. You don’t know if the key was duplicated or given to anyone else. Err on the side of caution and complete this step on the same day that the employee is terminated.

  • You’ve experienced a burglary. When someone breaks in to your place of business, you are vulnerable to anyone getting back into the building. You want to secure your location and protect your assets as soon as possible.

  • You or one of your employees lost a key. When a key goes missing, it could lead to a possible breach of your security. Change your locks as soon as possible.

Q: What is a Master keyed lock?

A: A master key system is a series of locks that can have one key to open all the locks and separate keys to open set sections of the building (known as zones). The number of zones on a master key system can range from two to hundreds, depending on the design of the system. Each zone key can only access the zones that it is keyed to, while the master key can access all the doors all the time. (An example of a small master key system: a 2 apartment complex. Each apartment has its own key, and the landlord has a master key that can open both apartments. When one tenant moves out, only that one apartment needs to be re-keyed. The master key can still open both apartments.)

The master key system plan determines which keys will be set for which zones. In our opinion, you should never have more than 2-4 master keys on any one system. Why? If a master key is lost, the entire system needs to be re-keyed—and that’s an expensive operation.

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